White Paper: WordPress, the System is Passé!

WordPress, a revolutionizing CMS system, has been part of my toolbox for many years, way beyond the early nostalgic years when WordPress was “just” a blogging framework. Through the latest years, I have personally used (and misused) the system to perform the unimaginable. I have fully enjoyed the concept and the many projects that have been build upon this beautiful architecture, delivered by the WordPress core team. Projects like traditional websites, advanced HTML5 games, API web-services and comprehensive e-commerce systems have all come to life from this toolbox of mine.

WordPress has been able to submit to all my needs as an engineer, an architect and a designer. But WordPress is no ordinary CMS system anymore and is now the system of choice for most developers, used for private and enterprise solutions. It is the backbone of most websites and with a wast growing pool of advanced themes and plugins, the system is almost unstoppable.

This growth is driven by independent developers and web agencies, who build their name and success on this platform, a platform that might soon be passé?

The problem is the fundamental truth and brilliance from the WordPress team, is just too easy to use to create a website in WordPress! As an engineer, the architecture is simple to get started with and within minutes, your project is coming to life. As a designer, the interface is intuitive and creative, a smart and engaging CMS system for all users; the developer, the administrator and the visitor.

This interface can be populated with an almost unlimited amount of themes and plugins, shaping your solution with simple clicks, no technical skills needed. Automated hosting services are offering on-click hosting with a preconfigured WordPress installation, just use 5 minutes and your website is ready to go public.

These trends are shaping the internet everywhere, creating cloud-based applications and systems that will manage your life and needs with ease. The idea of a web agency is quickly becoming a thing of the past, making advanced technology available to the general public, invalidating developers years of learning and expertise in the process. The internet is normalizing our problems and frustrations through highly specialized and targeted services, offering all the tools you need to create iconic websites with perfect SEO integration, high-performance hosting service and responsive design technics, all achieved in minutes and just under a few dollars.

In this intuitively managed and fully serviced internet utopia, where is the need for a skilled developer or even a full service web agency?

We need to move on and upward! WordPress is now part of the trending internet culture and is quickly becoming a developers past skill-set, loosing traction to the automated systems and joining past technologies like Perl and Flash. WordPress is not becoming outdated, just mainstream, a developers nostalgic moment in time, while we continue to fuel our brains with new knowledge and work on the next revolutionizing system that will outdate WordPress.

Stay tuned for the next big thing…