NETTO Marketing Campaign

LEGO® Friends Universe Concept

This concept was created as a universe for girls, based upon the Frinds brand and the LEGO magic. The concept was brought to life through innovative animations, frameworks and server architecture, for the web.  

Hasbro®: STAR WARS®

A creative and highly animated Flash® project for Hasbro® and Cartoonnetwork. I started by sketching a series of interaction designs and created the final graphic design based on my initial studies. Then created the programming architecture for the website based on my Blue Framework. The videos are distributed through the AWS services that I implemented in the framework. The website features the latest Starwars® products from Hasbro®, together with videos and games.

LEGO® Ninjago®: The Green Ninja

TOPModel Universe Concept

The TOPModel Universe for preteen girls is a facebook’ish universe with profiles, status updates, makeup/outfit creative sections and your own model agency with job assignments. The project is created in Flash® and based on my Blue framework for ActionScript 3.0. My work on the project incl. concept, ideas, ui/ux, design and ActionScript® development.

LEGO® Games: Plankgame Competition

LEGO® lancerer Plankgame, en konkurrence for børn i alle aldre i en dyst om hastighed og hukommelse. Mine opgaver på projektet omfatter design, artwork, flash programmering, blue framework og interaktionsdesign.    

PharmaVinci Intima Website

PharmaVinci langserer ny Intima hjemmeside med en serie sociale og virale funktioner for de besøgende. Mine opgaver omfatter hjemmeside Design og Animation. Udvikling af video koncept til viral facebook og youtube annoncering. Hjemmesiden er udviklet hos Webfighter for PharmaVinci.

LEGO® Ninjago Online

LEGO langserer Ninjago Online til børn i alle aldre. En hjemmeside spækket med videoer, spil og konkurrencer. Mine opgaver på projektet omfatter design, animationer, Flash programmering, opsætning af video streaming server og video encoding. Projektet er udviklet hos Webfighter for LEGO®.

LEGO® Ninjago Masterspinners Microsite

LEGO® langserer Masterspinner kampagnen hvor 300 heldige børn bliver udvalgt til at deltage i de første Ninjago produkter. Mine opgaver på projektet omfatter Grafisk design, Flash Animation og Programmering. Micrositet er udviklet hos Webfighter for LEGO®.

CartoonNetwork® “Hvem Redder Efteråret”

Cartoonnetwork langserer “Hvem redder efteråret” hvor Flashmob-events i storecentre bliver reklameret og promoveres med videoer fra tidligere begivenheder. Lykkekoder uddelt i storcentre kan indløses på hjemmesiden. Mine opgaver på projektet omfatter Design, Animation & Programmering. Et Flash Microsite udviklet hos Webfighter for CartoonNetwork®.

Gyldendal® Book Quiz Site

Mine opgaver på projektet omfatter Koncept Design, Grafisk Design, Flash Animation & Programmering. Udviklet hos Webfighter for Gyldendal®.

Axe® BomChicka WahWah

Flash Website Design, Development & Video

TV2 Empola Marketing Campaign

Flash Game Design & Development.

Mærsk Jeopardy Employee Branding

Flash Game Design & Development.

Spicylicius Website

Flash Website Design & Development.

CocaCola® Marketing Campaign

Flash Design

GSK Gagilaxen Game

Flash Game Design & Development.

Discovery Channel Nefertiti

Flash Design & Development.

Microsoft Ads

Flash Design & Development.

TV2 “Test Nationen” Live TV Game

We arrive at the TV station with our laptops under our arms and ready to prove our coding in the ultimate manner…

StarTour 3D Ads

Flash Design, 3D Animation & Development.

Dreamworks Shrek 2 Video Ads

Flash Design, Development & Video.

Danskespil “Tour de France” Game

Flash Ad-Game Design & Development.