Investing in design is a battle plan, a tactical constellation, connecting the dots

As your strategic stars have been added to the night sky and your operation has highlighted a select few, it’s now time to connect the best stars and paint the constellation.

Knowing you ups and downs, gives you the time to calculate your trajectory and investment. Your tactics is a battle plan and will define your economical and resource challenges.

In a 2003 research among 1000 companies, the Danish Design Center found a 22% growth turnover in companies who’d invested in design, compared to those located at to bottom of the design latter. As the investment was significantly increased, so would the company growth, of up to 40%.

In a 2005 research, the Research Institute of the Finnish Economy examined the value of design, through success of national economics and individual companies. Through quantitative methods, they investigated wether companies who invested heavily in design could perform better, then those who hadn’t. A panel of experts, used key figures to conclude, that companies who’d invested in design, had a higher sales growth and product export shares in the market.

In a 2007 survey among 1500 participants, the UK Design Council researched the turnover of design alert businesses, which grew by an average of GBP 225 for each GBP 100 invested in design.

The survey looked at how the companies added meaningful value to their product line.

Their are multiple methods for calculating your design value within market share revenue and product categories, based on your design investment and profit, accounting multiple factors such as patents.

Long-term monitoring carried out by the red dot institute for advanced design studies, has shown that companies which invest in innovative and well-designed products in the long-term and use design as a strategic leadership instrument often achieve above-average profit and sales figures as well as clear advantages over competitors.