Freetrailer Customer Platform

Freetrailer 2.0 is a new and revolutionary customer journey. The current way of mechanical locks and on-location assistance, is on the its out, giving room to new digital solutions in trailer rental.

In order to make rentals more flexible outside opening hours and also give customers more independency and remove required on-location personnel, we introduced a self-service system, using a smartphone app. For legacy phones and edge-cases, an SMS service can be used instead.

This project is rooted in extensive surveys and behavioural studies, understanding the needs and desires of customers. People want freedom, as they want options on their terms.

We can now implement trailers in any area, without on-location staff or kiosk systems for rentals, which opens op new customer segments and new markets opportunities for our partners.

WHY, We believe in impulsive desires. HOW, Our services will empower freedom to desire. WHAT, We solve the many occasional obstacles, between customer desire and gratification.