For me, digital artistry is the soul of my work, it’s the last 21 grams in my design process

As an artist you understand a wide array of feelings and are able to communicate these feelings in a captivating canvas of colors, shapes, images and typography.

Your drive is the very first impressions, mesmerizing and guiding your consumer through your message and delivering that satisfying feeling, that this product is something unique. Your mind is visual and you can deliver that imagination into your work. You think in abstracts, unstructured and can turn any blank canvas into beautiful creations, without being bound by limitations.

At a summer midnight, the music was playing and in the background, a BBC documentary was in full definition on the TV. I was alone with my thoughts, mixing colors on the wooden palate, while picking the right brush for the first stroke against the canvas, placed on the easel. This specific canvas had been through many iterations, showing character by the many layers of paint.

This night was not about the picture I was about to create, masking my previous paintings in the process. This was not about the colors I was about to blend, altering the stretched cotton. This was not about picking the right brush, for that first beautiful stroke, seeing the mongoose hair, socked in colors, caressing the frame.

This was all about the moment, the feelings I had at that time, in that situation, showing my true emotions on the canvas. The light, the breeze, the temperature and the music in the room – it all came together. Unstructured and without hesitation, the brush ran through the landscape, only guided by my emotions.

I’m am an artist.


Many ‘designers’ only work from the artistic point of view, thinking that design is only about art and beauty. These creations are not designs, they are pure artwork.

Artwork should promote feelings and captivate the users attention; create excitement and engagement through a carefully planned process. But progressive designs is more then art, it’s not just about feelings, but also communication, functionality, information and interaction.

It’s about function before structure and structure before beauty.

Art is when my designs exceeds it self and becomes more then an object, a painting or a website in the eyes of the consumer. It becomes a feeling, a memory, a fascination, a realization or an event that will linger on. My artistry is about experimentation, it’s a beloved part of my process. It’s where is set my mark of who I am and what makes my designs unique. It’s this love and my tenacious nature the makes my designs more then just a creative idea, they becomes part of my DNA.

But artistry is not the entire process, it’s only the tip of the iceberg, it’s the the frosting on the cake. If everything else in my design process is precision engineering, then this is the only part which is not. There is no formula for artistry, it’s who you are as a designer and what you aren’t.

Being creative can be taught if you have the right mindset, but being artistic is about experience and self realization. It’s about exploring the world in every possible way. It’s fascination with knowledge and the unknown wonders. It’s imagination and using all your senses. Open your mind and you will evolve as a progressive designer, improving your skills. Like a musician, the ability to play more then one instrument will strengthen your understanding of notes and music.

As an artist, you celebrate different styles and explore new in every task. As you grow and learn through your life, you become aware of new feelings, you become older and wiser. That experience is told and shared through your designs.