Design isn’t the cover of a book, the layout of a website or the poster of a movie

Design is everything, from thoughts to execution, from story to experience, from strategy to creation, from expectations to feelings, from possessions to recommendations, from business to perception, from statistics to purchase.

Design is the book cover that ignites my expectations, infused by the touch of the wax cardboard. It’s the weight against my lab, as I sit down with a great roast of coffee. It’s the first smell of the paper, the memories that flows through my mind of previous experiences holding such a book. It’s caressing the first page, letting my eyes browse through the words. It’s each chapter indulging my adventurous mind, delivering the story with enticing precision. It’s the final page, the gratification and the fulfillment.

Design is the adverb resonating in my head, as I type my search into Google, locating the first result, rendering the first fold. It’s is the colors and typography of the website, dividing my attention, adding focus and direction. It’s the ingenious interaction, intuitively unfolding as I approach each layer of information. It’s the playful delivery of entertainment and communication as I browse the online experience. It’s the sense of security and comfort as I add to my shopping basket. It’s the statistics processed in the background, as I enjoy the moment, delivering tailored suggestions in personalized surroundings.

Design is the first sight of a movie poster at my neighborhood bus-stand, getting excited about the actors and the story told in simple images and clever phrases. It’s calling my friends, arranging tickets, reserving the local burger joint. It’s the sound of the cinema hall and the aroma of popcorns. It’s the walk towards our seats, getting comfortable and guessing the intermediate quiz show. It’s the commercials and trailers. It’s the orchestrated sound and video of the movie, as the minutes fly by, letting me submerge my mind and body within the theater. It’s delivering a journey of exceeded expectations, demanding more, followed by “to be continued”.

Design is the sight of a truly luxurious sports car, as the sun hits its curves and the colors bounce against the reflexions. It’s the sound of the door as I leans back, embraced by the leather, surrounded by serene silence. It’s the anticipation of the engine, as I jingle the keys, adventuring over the dashboard. It’s the emotional thrust, as the engine explodes, forcing the silence into submission, from the roar of the cylinders. It’s when I reach my destination and the ride is coming to an unwanted end.