Design is not a matter of taste and is not created by a committee

A common problem arise, when designs are not targeted the consumer, but instead, the client commissioning the work. This scenario creates conflicts in the entire progressive design process and is a common problem for any designer.

The client needs to approve the work, but doesn’t understand the process and is inexperienced or opinionated, lacking common knowledge about the designers advanced digital world. This can easily lead to my first statement; design is not a matter of taste and is not created by a committee. The client needs to understand that they might not like what they see, because they might not fall into the criteria for the design which is targeted the consumer, not the client.

Working together in this process will insure the end result and teaching the client in every step, is part of the process, giving the client faith in the advanced skill-set of the progressive designer who must understand the mindset of the consumer and the client.

The consumer will need product satisfaction and the client will need production satisfaction.