“Jacob is a great white shark within the tech universe. He understands businees and emotional logic. He can transform requirements into creative and well balanced services.”

Tue Holmberg, Project Manager, core:workers

“I think that one of the reasons why Jacob is where he is today, apart from his skills of course, is that he dares to ask questions and take a calculated chance, when it is given.”

Lais Christensen, Animator, El Ciervo

“Jacob has an ability to develop campaigns and product designs, that in contrast to other designs, can give a much better customer experience. I experience from Jacob, a huge understanding of media agencies and their needs, which I represent, plus a great synergy between customer and the development process. In other words, we see Jacob as a pleasent link between customer and media.”

Sebastian Vikkelsøe-Engelbrecht, CSO,

“Jacob is a very talented trainer / designer / expert. He is probably the best in the Web & Multimedia niche. When I search for the best freelance educators for Intellia, I look for three qualities: 1. Top training skills, 2. Top technical knowledge, 3. Top creativity. I find a lot of people with one of these qualities, but (unfortunately) only few with more than one of them. Jacob is mastering all three!”

Kaare Bjoern Jensen, CEO, Intellia

“He always presented a high level of perfectionism. 

The obvious part was, that when the other designers couldn’t always fulfil the requirements and wishes of the customers, we could always come to Jacob and he could solve the problems and make the tailor made solutions on the highest levels. Jacob can take away issues where others abandon. 

I don’t think there are many creative things Jacob can’t do. 

Jacob has a friendly personality, always want’s to help and I liked very much to work with him.”

Lene Kaarup, Key Account Manager, Softworld

“I can only give Jacob my highest recommendations working with him as a buisness partner for 2 years. 
He has always been very professional and given our customers high quality courses at Softworld.”

Karina Lindhardt, Salgskoordinator, Softworld

“Jacob is a great designer who is able to create sofisticated designs based on solid business ideas. He knows what he is doing to an extent where he is able to teach others how to do it – great communication skills.”

Henrik Danbjørg, CEO, Ebita

“I have worked with Jacob on several it-related tasks. He has solid expertise within his field, is creative on finding solutions and I am always confident that his work is well solved and as agreed. He is flexible and provides good service. I can recommend Jacob at any time.”

Nete Findsen, Project Manager, core:workers

“Jacob is always on the frontier with the latest, defining the standard for quality and creativity. Despite this, deadlines are always on time and solutions brought to live with an incredible speed, which has made us extremely happy when working with Jacob.”

Charlotte Rosenberg, Team Manager, LYCOS

“Jacob is a highly skilled creative designer and developper. I worked with him at Jubii, and he made the life for the ad-team much easier with his creative ideas, and helpful nature. As he saw problems in validating multimedia files. He then developed a tool for the team to use, which worked perfectly and made our lifes much easier. He also created fantastic designs for the customers and his advertisements always worked well. All in all I can only give Jacob my best recommandations, and whoever works with him will find he is a dedicated and skilled designer. All my best to Jacob’s future!”

Helene Damkjær, French Trafficker, LYCOS

“Working with Jacob is amazing. Both new platforms and applications are developed quickly and with an intuitive focus. Sometimes projects were finished by Jacob overnight. The ideas, knowledge and skills of Jacob in any given technology, is really a gain for all who wants to become a major player in that field!”

Flemming Juliussen, Trafficker, LYCOS

“I worked with Jacob Lindborg at Integration X to create the first version of our integrated workflow system. Jacob was the chief designer of the GUI and he implemented a user interface that was extremely flexible and user friendly. His design and programming skills made it easy for our product management team to implement new features and to design a product that was extremely competitive from the first version.”

Jacob Salomonsen, Manager of sales, Integration X

“Jacob was one of the spearheads of the creative department in Creuna, his skills were unmatched within the organisation. Jacob is a team player that formed a perfect symbiosis with his colleagues in his willingness to help out beyond the limits of his own responsibilities. I had a really great time working with Jacob.”

Martin Leslie Chapman, Head of Design, Magnetix