“Cleromancer” Card & Dice Game Product



In Cleromancer, you will always be one turn behind, as you will predict the future or portray the future, before you reenact the future. But while you are one turn behind, so are your fellow players. By rolling dice, you will hint on the actions, you need to take or the actions you want you opponents to think you need to take. The next turn, you will be able to for fill your predictions, if you can, as your opponents might have gotten in your way, by intercepting your strategies.

Factions: There are four factions, though all have the same basic abilities (move, battle etc.), though with different flavour and strategies, that they are best at. Besides the basics, each faction has abilities that are thematically aligned with their faction.

Engineers (battle/defense):

Poets (predictions):

Architects (building/extending card abilities):

Artists (masking their intentions):

Player Turn Sequence

Step (For fill Predictions): Play your cards that match your previous turns dice, if able or needed. Each die or dice will pay for a card, and each card requires a certain amount of dice with a specific symbol.

Step (Activate Abilities): Use your cards and their abilities to move, battle, plan etc.

Step (Discard Dice): Some cards will require you to discard your dice. Other cards can be used over multiple turns, though limiting your dice pool, as the dice has to stay on the card for the card to work.

Step (Predict): Roll discarded dice, then set them aside for next round as your prediction-pool. These dice shows symbols, that can be used with special cards. Each symbol will hint to the other players, of what you plan to do, with the dice that you set aside.

Step (Discard Cards): Discard any number of cards from your hand and draw new cards up to your hand limit. You can plan to use all cards in your hand if they match your prediction-pool or you can discard any number of cards, hoping to get new cards, that will match your prediction. For each card that you discard, you may re-roll one die per card.

Step (Draw Cards): You draw cards until you reach you hand limit of five cards.


Play Area

Cards in your play area, are cards played onto the table, from your hand. They leave the play area when they are discarded or returned to your hand, by card effects.

Active & Inactive

Cards are active, when they have been bought (on to the table) and holds at least one die. Cards are inactive, when they have been bought and holds no dice.

Damage & Defence

When an attack is made, the attacker defines his or hers target of attack. Then count all damage from card abilities and exhaust a die from the card, which is the attacking card. Then the defender applies defence abilities, if able, and removes dice from the attacked card equal to the attacking damage level. The defender now counter attacks, if the card attacked has survived