Changes can be reversed, where as a transformation is irreversible

Changes is a great thing, as we get the excitement of the unknown and the knowledge of going through the learnings, understanding new possibilities. The change might not be a success, never the less, the change will uncover new insight that will forever be part of the culture and future challenges.

Creating true changes, is transformation. Changes can be reversed, where as a transformation is irreversible. When you transform, you become something new, something that you haven’t been before, an emerging evolution, forcing your thoughts, emotions and practices into a new direction.

A transformation will be more then a journey of learnings, ups and downs, it will require that you let go, breaking the bond with safety and dive in to the deep waters. As the waves washes over your decisions, you need a railing to hold on to, a methodology to guide you through the storm and stay faithful to your path.

Design as a business, is not a change, but a transformation, a revolution in creating superior products, a believe in design as an ideology. This revolution has been simmering for decades, beginning in the early 2000 when information architecture (IA) become the new trend, putting pressure on the common art director. We needed more then an eye for colors and typography. Soon, user interaction designers (UI) would emerge, followed by user experience designers (UX), each focusing on one part of the problem, solving the issue from their perspective, neglecting their neighbors, the process the came before and after.

Promising titles, job descriptions or personalities within these emerging areas, could hold the key to this transformation. But working in companies, located at the foot of the design latter, will require more then great skills and good intensions.

It will require that you use change management to set the wheels in motion, creating small droplets in the water, progressing, building towards the wave, the true change, the irreversible transformation.