White Paper: Creating a consistent UX design language is your path to absolute failure. It must instead be coherent.

People involved in the design process can be defined by three degrees of perspective, the executive as the business strategic, the director as the concept theoretic and the developer as the design practitioner. This structure can be a simile to how some of the most accomplished builders gain progress and results, the bee hive. Within […]

White Paper: Progressive Design, An Abbreviated Introduction

Good theories are build on dynamic circumstances, i.e. being build for an adaptive solution. In order to process the problem, we must first define the taxonomy and terms, to categories the input and output. The theory of progressive design (PD°), defines four primary principle areas of design, each detailed in four subsequent principles. All principles […]

White Paper: Advanced Responsive Design, the Four Techniques

Designing for a broad spectrum of platforms and devices, is described as responsive design, which has become an umbrella term for a flexible and adaptable design approach, creating an accessible website on major devices. Choosing a device strategy is about cost contra generalizations contra specialization. Each device in your strategy will lower your platform cost […]

White Paper: Evolutionary Independency in Development

“You can’t change user behavior directly – you can change the environment they inhabit.” There is a force, a mentality, a culture, a way of life, ruling and shaping this entire industry – I call it the ‘evolutionary force of the digital age’. This force is responsible for which technologies is springing to life, how […]

White Paper: Responsive Communication, an Extended Design Strategy

The term ‘responsive design’ has become a household name, streamlining digital designs to reach a greater and broader audience. In the middle of the responsive strategy – trying to reach all the devices in the available spectrum and creating cost effective platforms – the subtile and often fragile word has become downgraded to undefined content, […]

White Paper: WordPress, the System is Passé!

WordPress, a revolutionizing CMS system, has been part of my toolbox for many years, way beyond the early nostalgic years when WordPress was “just” a blogging framework. Through the latest years, I have personally used (and misused) the system to perform the unimaginable. I have fully enjoyed the concept and the many projects that have been […]