Gently nudge your customers into a better experience

People don’t like being told what to do. We often talk about reverse psychology as a clever way of getting people to do what we want them to do, by asking them to do the opposite. The term “nudging” was first coined in 2008 and draws on research in psychology behavioral economics, to defend libertarian paternalism and active engineering […]

The next revolutionizing product, is an experience

When we describe a great bottle of wine, we use tangible terms like sweetness and earthiness. We don’t describe the essence of the wine, the sensory experience of subtle flavors, as the experience is to complex to describe. The more complex the wine is, the better the taste and the harder it is to describe. When […]

User experience (UX) designers are taking a back seat to the new emerging customer experience (CX) designers and service designers

According to the Gartner research, customer experiences is the only truly durable competitive advantage. In 2016, 89% of companies will compete primarily on customer experiences. In 2017, 50% of product investments will be put into customer experience investments. Marketing departments are becoming a relic and will soon be engulfed by customer experience (CX) departments by […]

Wireframes should not be sketched or low fidelity, it must be the best artwork you have ever done

Every brief, storyboard or concept artwork, must be of your best abilities. If you start your initial product process from a unaesthetic powerpoint or unappealing sketches, it will only serve to set a low perception of credibility in your efforts and intentions. You must exhibit the same level of excellence in all aspect of your […]

White Paper: Creating a consistent UX design language is your path to absolute failure. It must instead be coherent.

People involved in the design process can be defined by three degrees of perspective, the executive as the business strategic, the director as the concept theoretic and the developer as the design practitioner. This structure can be a simile to how some of the most accomplished builders gain progress and results, the bee hive. Within […]

User Experience or Customer Experience

UX, an acronym for User Experience, is a designers required prefix in a modern world where emotional design is king. The emphasis on user experiences is growing rapidly with focus on delivering meaningful and magical experiences in our products, though often failing. Why? A UX designers abilities and responsibilities can’t be taken lightly, as he or […]

We Need Creative Diversity From All Departments

Through my career, I have had many diverse roles, e.g. designing speakers and televisions for Bang & Olufsen, creating artwork and games for LEGO®, concepts and marketing for Coca-Cola®, system architecture and strategies for SONY® or server engineering and tactics for Turner®. This diversity of skills, a hybrid between the technical and creative worlds, has […]

Customer Experience is a Designers Story

Customers don’t know why their emotions resonate with your product and often proclaimed their devotion by the products functional or financial benefits instead. They speak about the signature features or how much they spend on their latest purchase, instead of why they really bought the product, the added emotional value. The ability to perceive this […]

White Paper: Progressive Design, An Abbreviated Introduction

Good theories are build on dynamic circumstances, i.e. being build for an adaptive solution. In order to process the problem, we must first define the taxonomy and terms, to categories the input and output. The theory of progressive design (PD°), defines four primary principle areas of design, each detailed in four subsequent principles. All principles […]

‘Cosmetic’ is a Toxic Word for Designers, Who Care About the Customer Experience

“Can you prove that your design efforts adds any value to our products?”, was the question from a senior technical colleague, clearly detached from any design ideology. Though I often dismiss such question on a moronic notion, it did make me think of a response, that would make him understand in relatable terms. I could […]

Best of the Month! New design book is quickly gaining popularity

After being published for a couple of weeks, latest book from designer and author Jacob Lindborg, ‘Design is Not a Matter of Taste, It’s a Business’, is quickly gaining popularity and is nominated for Best of the Month! at

Less is Not More

Simplicity is not just a visual concept, woven into the job titles of information architects and experience designers. Simplicity is the art of removing clutter and redundancy in all areas of your design process, even programming. “I have never seen an engineer as lazy as you! That make you my most talented employee.”, said a […]

New book, “Design is Not a Matter of Taste, It’s a Business”, is now available on Amazon and iTunes

In this book, the 1st in the Progressive Design series, I’ll explain how design can transform you as an executive, as an entrepreneur, as a manager or as a developer. Even further, I’ll explain how design is an enterprise transformation, not a change. Design is not just for the designer, but for anyone involved in […]

The challenges of design will explain the questions that you need to ask, in your work and in your team

Design is challenges, a landscape of lose knots and questions, in disparate need of order. It’s important to ask questions but it’s not always an easy task to ask the right questions. There is a mentality, a tabu of the unknown. We are expected to be perfect, being competent and successful. We are managed and […]

Investing in design is a battle plan, a tactical constellation, connecting the dots

As your strategic stars have been added to the night sky and your operation has highlighted a select few, it’s now time to connect the best stars and paint the constellation. Knowing you ups and downs, gives you the time to calculate your trajectory and investment. Your tactics is a battle plan and will define […]

Changes can be reversed, where as a transformation is irreversible

Changes is a great thing, as we get the excitement of the unknown and the knowledge of going through the learnings, understanding new possibilities. The change might not be a success, never the less, the change will uncover new insight that will forever be part of the culture and future challenges. Creating true changes, is […]

Managing design is an art form, a beautiful orchestrated cultivation of your principles

Design management, the art of managing design, a company expression, a shared believe, a culture. Nurturing your design and the culture will create a trust far greater then the product. Believing in people and their visions can be unbreakable, it becomes an ideology. There is difference between leading people and managing people in an organization. […]

Design isn’t the cover of a book, the layout of a website or the poster of a movie

Design is everything, from thoughts to execution, from story to experience, from strategy to creation, from expectations to feelings, from possessions to recommendations, from business to perception, from statistics to purchase. Design is the book cover that ignites my expectations, infused by the touch of the wax cardboard. It’s the weight against my lab, as […]

Perception of Design, The Common Misconceptions

Every word, every sentence, every color, every image, has a different meaning to me as it has to you. There are many common misconceptions about predefined values for these elements of design. Each cognitive input will emerge as an illusive image in your mind, from which you build your perception. That image is a unique […]

A Designers Battle of Insecurity

When working in teams, collaborating over solutions and strategies, opinions and principles fly in all directions. We all have something that we would like to share and contribute to the project, an investment in logic and feelings. When the storm settles, the insecurity starts to emerge between the different personalities. We all wanted to be […]

A Designers Adoption, A Bitter Pill to Swallow

Adopting another designers work is never easy, it goes against the nature of a designer, being a creator, a frontier. Design is a believe, rooted deeply within, a culture in some cases. We don’t feel for what we can’t see, we don’t understand what we can’t comprehend, we need context, an angle, a common ground. […]

Journey of Expectations, You Don’t Design a Product, You Design a Journey

Expectations is created by a cognitive observation within us all, fulfilling our brain with desire from the input we receive, driven by our reptilian brain, craving food, sex and other basic survival instincts. Each step we take toward an expectation in a hunt to satisfy these cravings – the journey – we fuel our desire […]

Knowledge, When Work Experiences Becomes Intuitions and Intuitions Becomes Epiphanies

Intuition, we all have it, that feeling that you just know the answer. We don’t think about it, it’s just there, written in your words, effortlessly spoken, wrapped in an assumption that this will resonate with your audience as loud as in your head. It came to your inner attention as easy as the air […]

A designers breakup, I need to let you go, we don’t belong together!

Drawing similarities from the theory of evolution; giving a criteria such as target group, culture, functionality, communication and media; a blank canvas will evolve into a perfect adapted solution, in the hands of a progressive designer. Changing a criteria, could invalidate the entire design and the work will have to further evolve and adapt, just […]

Design is not a matter of taste and is not created by a committee

A common problem arise, when designs are not targeted the consumer, but instead, the client commissioning the work. This scenario creates conflicts in the entire progressive design process and is a common problem for any designer. The client needs to approve the work, but doesn’t understand the process and is inexperienced or opinionated, lacking common […]

For me, digital artistry is the soul of my work, it’s the last 21 grams in my design process

As an artist you understand a wide array of feelings and are able to communicate these feelings in a captivating canvas of colors, shapes, images and typography. Your drive is the very first impressions, mesmerizing and guiding your consumer through your message and delivering that satisfying feeling, that this product is something unique. Your mind […]

Can You Calculate Your Social Strategy?

Understanding human behavior is the first step towards creating a intuitive interaction strategy for your users. Humans react to everything and nothing. Some reactions are based on logical thinking, some on a deep primitive level and some without even registering in our congest mind. Understanding your users and your own reactions, is just one number […]

Are you a UX design poet?

As a poet, you are a dreamer, living in the moment, feeling the world around you and the implications it has as it turns. You can think in subtle thoughts, finding the true essential meaning in everything, interlinked by a mesmerizing story, a deeper meaning, revealing the poetry of your products existence. You are a […]

White Paper: Advanced Responsive Design, the Four Techniques

Designing for a broad spectrum of platforms and devices, is described as responsive design, which has become an umbrella term for a flexible and adaptable design approach, creating an accessible website on major devices. Choosing a device strategy is about cost contra generalizations contra specialization. Each device in your strategy will lower your platform cost […]

White Paper: Evolutionary Independency in Development

“You can’t change user behavior directly – you can change the environment they inhabit.” There is a force, a mentality, a culture, a way of life, ruling and shaping this entire industry – I call it the ‘evolutionary force of the digital age’. This force is responsible for which technologies is springing to life, how […]

White Paper: Responsive Communication, an Extended Design Strategy

The term ‘responsive design’ has become a household name, streamlining digital designs to reach a greater and broader audience. In the middle of the responsive strategy – trying to reach all the devices in the available spectrum and creating cost effective platforms – the subtile and often fragile word has become downgraded to undefined content, […]

White Paper: WordPress, the System is Passé!

WordPress, a revolutionizing CMS system, has been part of my toolbox for many years, way beyond the early nostalgic years when WordPress was “just” a blogging framework. Through the latest years, I have personally used (and misused) the system to perform the unimaginable. I have fully enjoyed the concept and the many projects that have been […]

Progressive Design, New Theory on the Move

“Progressive Design Theory – It’s not a matter of taste, it’s precision engineering!” Being a progressive designer is about being an engineer, an architect and an artist, and in that specific order. It is about embodying the spirit of the entire product, not just visualizing and prototyping your ideas. As a progressive designer, your brain […]