Can You Calculate Your Social Strategy?

Understanding human behavior is the first step towards creating a intuitive interaction strategy for your users. Humans react to everything and nothing. Some reactions are based on logical thinking, some on a deep primitive level and some without even registering in our congest mind. Understanding your users and your own reactions, is just one number – calculating the total sum of your target group is an entire different algorithm.

We are social beings and the Internet is thriving on our social nature, creating new digital flash cultures in seconds, on every domain. We interact with each other through new digital methods and our species is quickly becoming a super digitalized organism. We use technology to create interactions and with the increasing innovations, our interactions will follow.

Cultures are created through new websites and social platforms, equipped with rich etiquettes. They are manifesting inside and outside of our digital world, creating synergy with other cultures, developing rules, traditions, infrastructure, social hierarchy and history.

When we multiply the reaction of one user with the potential of his or her social network, we get the sum of our social strategy. This is the algorithm that will drive your user base and promote your design in the social medias.