Design is not a customers desired purchase. Design is exchanging operational and emotional opportunities…

In this book, the 4th in the Progressive Design series, I’ll explain how to build, execute and run a lean, progressive and customer centric company, based on design principles.

This book focuses on employee engagement, strengthening customer loyalty, managing competitive disruptions, keeping current with new technologies and keeping your products relevant in a highly competitive market.

Your services and their customer experiences, is a direct result of a design processes and your processes are the direct result of your company. In other words; your desired service offer and revenue, is a direct result of your structures, cultures, operations and market channels.

In order to design your desired services, you must instead design your company from a design ideology.

This book is in development.

The first edition of the book will be available in 2016, Q3/Q4.


allan_darre“These principles made a big impact on our product approaches, strengthening our design thinking, reaching new market opportunities. This book is a serious business driver” Allan Darré, Entrepreneur & Investor

claus_thomsen“Managing design has always been an opinionated process. This book redefines the complex design process, as a new tangible business model, achieving product results as a team” Claus Thomsen, Project Manager, Gov.

henrik_danboerg“Jacob is a uniquely gifted industrial and digital designer, who is able to create sophisticated products, based on good business ideas. This book is a statement to that fact” Henrik Danbjoerg, CEO, Ebita

louise_bannebjerre“This book is not just about UX and design methods. Jacob’s principles translates into new business strategies and processes across many industries and departments” Louise Bannebjerre, Strategist, New Perspective

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