The Progressive Design Series

My business design books covers the perceived intangible subject of design, through theoretic principles, business methodology and the evolutionary product. Each book tackle these complex areas, defining the dilemma, the solution and the evolution of customer loyalty.

Product Design Dilemmas

Product Design Dilemmas

Service Design Solutions

Service Design Solutions

Designing Customer Experiences

Designing Customer Experiences

The Tech Startup

The Tech Startup (Coming Soon)

Design is not a matter of taste, it’s a business and must be defined on business principles…

In this book, the 1st in the progressive design series, I’ll define the creative principles for why and how design can transform you as an executive, as an entrepreneur, as a manager or as a designer. Even further, I’ll explain how design is a cultural transformation and not a simple change.

The progressive design principles can be applied to any organisational structure, from startups to fortune 500 enterprises, from lean and agile techniques to static and rigorous processes.

How to manage product designs across multiple perceptions, channels, services and departments…

In this book, the second in the progressive design series, I’ll define the sixteen stages of the progressive design methodology, diving into the productive and operational details, managing the customer experiences. From each stage, you’ll understand the process and the work that will evolve your design, your skills, your learnings and move your project forward.

Customer experience investments is the new battle ground for disruptive and sustaining product designs, increasing year by year. These investments will require more efficient customer experiences, from the services they inhabit. This will in tandem require higher expertise in customer experience designers and service designers, to implement these efficient and customer-centric processes and methods.

Customers don’t buy products. Your products are just a means to an end. Customers buy experiences…

In this book, the third in the progressive design series, I’ll define the anatomy of different customer experiences. I’ll define how to achieve the profound customer experience through service synergy and the design science behind it.

Competition is not just in terms of your intellectual property and those who seek to challenge you. The evolution of progressive design, defines how designers and their products must adapt to their environment, to account for the synergetic evolution. This evolutionary force is in constant motion within our markets and industries, where the lean and agile designer and services survives.

Software is not a product, it’s a service…

In this book, the 4th in the Progressive Design series, I’ll explain how to build, execute and run a lean, progressive and customer centric company, based on design principles.

This book focuses on employee engagement, strengthening customer loyalty, managing competitive disruptions, keeping current with new technologies and keeping your products relevant in a highly competitive market.