B&O TV Designs

The TV is a failing potential and people are getting lost. The invention of the Smart TV is neither Smart nor TV. Endless channel surfing, scratching the bottom for a glimpse of quality content, zapping the same familiare channels. Zap, zap, zap, hoping, wanting…

People want content, the right content, curated, with one option, the right option, based on family patterns.

Engulfing the barriers of channels, apps and devices, delivers true lean back entertainment in one click, unified discovery of content, simplified, domesticated.

Concept Storyboard

bang-olufsen-beovision-avant-2B&O-VE-3.0-Poetry---The-Right-One-21 B&O-VE-3.0-Poetry---The-Right-One-18 B&O-VE-3.0-Poetry---The-Right-One-6 B&O-VE-3.0-Poetry---The-Right-One-5

TV EPG Design

Bang-Olufsen-BeoVision-Avant-TV-High-Quality-UHD-4K-3-channel_stereoB&O-VE-3.0-Artistry-4 B&O-VE-3.0-Artistry-6 B&O-VE-3.0-Artistry-7 B&O-VE-3.0-Artistry-8 B&O-VE-3.0-Artistry-10

Mobile EPG Design

maxresdefaultB&O-VE-3.0-Artistry-12 B&O-VE-3.0-Artistry-13 B&O-VE-3.0-Artistry-14 B&O-VE-3.0-Artistry-15 B&O-VE-3.0-Artistry-16 B&O-VE-3.0-Artistry-17 B&O-VE-3.0-Artistry-18