Best of the Month! New design book is quickly gaining popularity

After being published for a couple of weeks, latest book from designer and author Jacob Lindborg, Design is Not a Matter of Taste, It’s a Business, is quickly gaining popularity and is nominated for Best of the Month! at

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Progressive design is a theory, an ideology, supported by a 360 degree methodology (PD°), the why and how, a template for creating resonating design through visionary people, entrepreneurs, cultivated teams, interdependent departments and organizations. This template can be applied to any structure, from startups to fortune 500 enterprises, from lean and agile techniques to static and rigorous processes. This template is not a static and complete solution, it is a recipe for creating outstanding designs, which can be adapted to your existing culture and processes.

We must let design be all that it can be, a process build on both data and emotions, restraints and visions, knowledge and experiments. We can’t follow the easy and simple process that is know today, the multiple theories and methods on how to exclude what is inconvenient. We must include and be empathic, balance the process and our aspirations.