Are you a UX design poet?

As a poet, you are a dreamer, living in the moment, feeling the world around you and the implications it has as it turns. You can think in subtle thoughts, finding the true essential meaning in everything, interlinked by a mesmerizing story, a deeper meaning, revealing the poetry of your products existence.

You are a concept author, a story teller, writing the very fabric of your product experience, the DNA, which will be part of an evolutionary timeline, maturing your product and testing your poetic vision.

Progressive Design

Being a progressive designer is about being a poet, an engineer, an architect and an artist, in that specific order, all in one person. It is about embodying the spirit of the entire product, not just visualizing and prototyping your ideas. Creating poetry and simplicity.

Progressive design is about reaching your product goals, making your product able to communicate, brand your values, becoming an icon and setting trends.

Ideas are easy – everyone can get an idea – but being able to follow your ideas from theory to practical application, in your head, is the job of a progressive designer. Work out the metrics, the structure and the experience of your ideas, so that they become actual plans, not just ideas, but plans you can implement and set in motion.

As a progressive designer, your brain is capable of subtle, curved, linear and abstract thoughts. You are able to switch from one mindset to another based on the task at hand. You can implement ideas, inspiration and guidelines from the people around you, into the product and lead the development from start to finish, being involved in every detail.

You have the capacity to be visionary, technical and creative in equal measures, a hybrid. This unique ability, gives you the skill to conceptualize and create what others cant.

There is a goal here, a message to be conveyed through this process. Your are communicating through each step, shaping your product one phase at the time.

Before anything else, you start by searching your true poetic center, your focus, finding the simplistic and true concept for your product, the signature experience. When you know what will make this product unique and sustainable, you can define the functionality, the technical need, as an engineer, the very core mechanics of your product. When you know what your product can achieve as a concept, as a technical solution, you have a platform to build on, you have defined the essens of your product. You will then shape and bend your functionality, into a useable and structured product as an architect, streamlining every metric. In the end, you will unleash your artist and sculpt the impressions of the product, the very soul and personality, that must accomplish consumer admiration and become an icon of its time.

Every change to the product by the poet, will invalidate the work of the engineer. Every change by the engineer, will invalidate the work of the architect. Every change by the architect, will invalidate the work of the artist. Every change to the product must be evaluated and follow your target, and as the target move, so must the product.

In my spare time, I enjoy being in the kitchen, preparing gourmet cousins for my family or friends. I enjoy all the aspects of cooking, the experimentations, the relaxation, the fun, the physical results that you can actually taste, smell and touch minutes after.

But the thing I love the most, is the excitement on peoples faces when they discover a new experience. It can blow your senses away and make you believe in heaven on earth.

That’s why I design! That’s why I love creating new, innovative, “WOW”-factor products. I love to see that experience and share that childlike fascination with the wonders of our time.