A designers breakup, I need to let you go, we don’t belong together!

Drawing similarities from the theory of evolution; giving a criteria such as target group, culture, functionality, communication and media; a blank canvas will evolve into a perfect adapted solution, in the hands of a progressive designer.

Changing a criteria, could invalidate the entire design and the work will have to further evolve and adapt, just as the progressive designer will adapt to the criteria. Most designers fall in love, literally, with their work and are incapable of adapting. This can be a beautiful love story if they are meant for each other or it can be a world of heartache if they are on two different tracks.


I know I love you, I know you love me, but this can’t go on. We are not right for each other, we don’t belong together. You’re mine and I’m yours, but we must both find new ideas apart. I’m trying to bend you into something that you’re not meant to be. I’m trying to hold on for as much as I can, only ending up destroying your nature, your purity, your spirit. You are a child of my mind, my thoughts and dreams, your are a fabric of my creativity, my poetic expression. This bond between us will be hard to break, but I must do it, for I’m blinded by my devotion to you, my fascination by the things that we could have been, but never will!

As a designer, an artist, a concept developer, you’ll know of this heartache, this pain in your chest when you must aside from your design, your concept, your idea and turn towards new horizons.

Heartache happens when you realise that you are misguided by your own thoughts, trapped, because of your devotion and creative exploration of your concept, leading you into compromising ideas. Heartache happens when your team hits you with the reality, the truth and possibilities of your resources, limiting the technical foundation that your idea was born upon, creating disbelieve and frustration towards the people who only server to support your ideas from their perspective. Heartache happens when your client isn’t buying your idea, creating relationship tension, anger and abandonment.

Be true to your self, be true to your ideas. Don’t comprise, don’t let your ideas rule your product goals, let the product goals inspire your ideas. If the idea is being compromised, let it go, start over, rethink. Great ideas are born strong and can’t be compromised, they will ensure signature experiences that will deliver iconic products and will inspire new solutions in their path.