A Designers Battle of Insecurity

When working in teams, collaborating over solutions and strategies, opinions and principles fly in all directions. We all have something that we would like to share and contribute to the project, an investment in logic and feelings. When the storm settles, the insecurity starts to emerge between the different personalities.

We all wanted to be heard and we all wanted to be a vital part of the process. We need to believe in our opinions because we need to exists, our opinions must matter. When we are challenged and our opinions starts to crumble from lack of strength, our will to survive takes over. It’s a survival instinct and our brain can’t process consequences as it needs to react quickly, fight or flight. It replaces logic with the invested feelings, instincts, manifested in opinions that are driven into a defensive direction, where you can withstand a feasible fight.

Your opinions have been heard and discussed, but haven’t made any difference. They have been validated and was discarded. They have been turned and inspected from all angles, without acknowledgment. You feel empty, as your investment falls apart, your time and effort gone to waste. Anger and defiance emerges as you must have the final word, your opinion can’t die, it must be a valid opinion, as you must be validated. 

“Why don’t they understand me?”

“Why can’t they see the importance as I do?”

You start fighting for your discredited opinion, as you know this is your last stand, backed against the wall, instead of finding a new and stronger position. The product becomes a hostage in this battle of insecurity, as you start to drill into the bedrock foundation that everyone is building upon, the story, the strategy, the insight. You try to bend and shape all knowledge into a scenario that will support your opinion. Your survival instinct is taking you and the project into the wrong direction and you must overcome this basic human behavior to turn it around, you must know when to battle your primal nature and when to let go. 

You must be stronger then your personal needs and put aside your aspirations and ego, giving in to the team, learn from your peers and become better, stronger and wiser. Design is about inspiration and seeking the bigger picture, not fighting for an ideology that only applies to your needs.