A Designers Adoption, A Bitter Pill to Swallow

Adopting another designers work is never easy, it goes against the nature of a designer, being a creator, a frontier. Design is a believe, rooted deeply within, a culture in some cases. We don’t feel for what we can’t see, we don’t understand what we can’t comprehend, we need context, an angle, a common ground.

When adopting a design, you must embrace its presence, understand the language and let it become a fluent dialogue from your tongue. You must know that your pride and creativity is not degraded by this new adopted believe, but instead, it will challenge your thoughts and broaden your horizon, strengthen your skills. You must be accepting and rely on your knowledge, your success and self-confidence, be stronger and better then just one ideology.

You must emerge from your zone and see that each adopted design is a book, one you must read and fully understand, before you can judge the cover. When you have read and understood the book, then you can make it yours, take responsibility, ownership and improve. Let the design evolve with your thoughts, but respect its legacy, the thoughts that came before yours.