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“Jacob is a great white shark within the tech universe. He understands businees and emotional logic...”

Tue Holmberg, Project Manager, core:workers

“Jacob has an ability to develop campaigns and product designs, that in contrast to other designs, can give a much better customer experience...”

Sebastian Engelbrecht, CSO,

“He always showed a high level of perfectionism. The obvious part was, that when the other designers couldn't always full fill the requirements and wishes of the customers, we could always come to Jacob...”

Lene Kaarup, Key Account Manager, Softworld

“Jacob was one of the spearheads of the creative department in Creuna, his skills were unmatched within the organisation...”

Martin Leslie Chapman, Head of Design, Magnetix


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Poetic Concepts


I'm a concept author, a story teller, writing the very fabric of my concepts, the DNA, which will be part of an evolutionary timeline.

Technical Ideas


I create digital concepts - based on technology, business and consumers - that will drive your projects, and bring you ahead of the game!

Creative Perfectionist


I analyse potentials and user behavior, when structuring my intuitive and creative aproach to user interaction and system architecture.

Artistic Heart


Design is about functionality, interaction and art, it's about reaching your audience and creating a unique experience. It's about communication!