Upgrader Club System

Changing Behavior by Design

We believe in setting empowering challenges in sale.

We motivate based on known data, through instant gamification.

We deliver the next generation in high performance services.


Upgrader is an high performer platform, specialised in creating competitive challenges, through automated awards, social driven Hall of Fames and personal goals.

“Earn status, points or bragging rights!”

Bigwig, an artificial motivational robot, enlightens you about changes to your business performance indicators. He motivates and encourages, if your numbers are in the red. In short, he is automated motivation, at its finest, with a resonating message for you each time.  

“Hello my beautiful mastermind…”

A carrot is not a carrot, if it’s not appetizing. Hubzaa is a unique variety of premium and personalized products, luxury events and life improving subscriptions.

“Hey, there’s even a personal shopper”